VTIFF Presents: Ti Laurent

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Sponsored by Main Street Landing & Champlain College

Directed by John Rasmussen
Haiti ⎮ Creole w/ English subtitles ⎮ 2015 ⎮ 84 min

Director John Rasmussen is an Assistant Professor for Visual and Performing Arts: Film & Photographic Arts in the Division of Communication & Creative Media at Champlain College. He will be in attendance at the screening to introduce the film and lead a discussion afterward.

Based on the novel, Lazarillo de TormesTi Laurent is the story of a wayward young man making his way across an indifferent landscape in search of food and shelter. He follows his hunger through debris and drifters into the arms of various masters. Each one of them possesses different qualities of deceitful abusiveness; some disguise it as tough love and others as kindness. Ti Laurent's rogue nature guides him safely through most of his dark comic adventures, until he runs into the unfamiliar foe of mediocrity, clothed in untrue purity. This new beguiling adversary leads him into a false sense of stability.

Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center - Film House

60 Lake Street
3rd floor

Burlington, VT 05401

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