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Event Details

Pick up your meal and take it home!

We will assign pickup times on Tuesday evening. If you prefer to come at a specific time, email [email protected], and we'll try to accommodate.


My name is Said Bulle. I was born and raised in Jilib, Somalia. I grew up working in the kitchen with my mother at her restaurant. Shortly after my mother passed, I set for the long journey to the US. I finally came to America when I was 15 years old. My first jobs in America were working in restaurants. That is where I found the connection with my mother. My heart is set on having a family-owned restaurant just like my mother did. I found my restaurant community at Manhattan Pizza downtown Burlington, VT. The owners have become like family. They provide guidance and are willing to support me as much as they can. I often utilize their kitchen space to fry chicken for big parties. In 2020, I started my catering adventure.


Meat Plate:

Chicken stew- Chicken seasoned with tomato sauce, onion, and potatoes.

1 Beef Sambusa- Flavored ground beef with onions, peppers, and potatoes fried in a flour wrap.

1 Fried Chicken 

Vegetable Plate:

Vegetable Stew- Mixed vegetables seasoned with tomato sauce, onion, beans, and potatoes. 

2 Vegetable Sambusas - Flavored mixed Vegetables with onion, beans, and potato fried in a flour wrap. 

Each meal is served with a banana and side salad. 

** Homemade hot sauce as requested.

Venue Information

Tiny Community Kitchen
156 North Winooski Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401

Organizer Information

Said Bulle
(802) 825-9886
[email protected]