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Event Details

Advance: $14 (+fees) // Day of show: $17 (+fees)

Doors: 7:00 // Show: 7:30

All Ages



The melodic guitar jangles of Chodus. The dreamy crooning of Phrogs. Claremont, NH has long been known for its fine musical offerings, but these are truly some of the very best. And Danimals Yogurt is the perfect accompaniment to these two musical delights. Join us for a resplendent evening of song and nutritional yogurt smoothies. Danimals knows great music.

Wicked Louder:

Thetford Vermont’s own Wicked Louder is the one man creation of Derek P. Lorrigan. As the progenitor of Solid Mass music Wicked Louder is laying the foundation for a style that is impregnable. Thoughtful listening reveals songs about situations. Life and death situations, the complexities of situations involving drugs, situations of power and control, and situations of solitude.

Wicked Louder believes in the importance of understanding what has come before and pays homage to the tropes of 80’s college rock and 90’s alternative music while simultaneously composing something unique and modern. Solid Mass music is visionary in its scope. Quality songwriting fueled by the drain upon human emotion is the promise of the future for this singularly unique band that is Wicked Louder.

Time Life Magazines:

Out of all the bands whose members routinely appeared on the website lookatthisfuckinghipster.com during the late 2000s, Real Life Time Machines were widely considered amongst the most promising. Today, some folks say this New England dance-punk outfit – known for bright, efficient songcraft contrasted by belligerently impractical stage performances – never got as big as they should have … but we all know better, don’t we? Let’s face it: Nobody who makes decisions in the serious music industry ever would’ve had the imagination or the patience to know what to do with RLTMs. And lucky you; this means that, today, a modified incarnation of that band is not too expensive to come play in your club/basement/VFW Hall/backyard/living room/whatever place.

We say “modified incarnation” because members of RLTMs are performing under the designation Time Life Magazines. “What’s the difference between Real Life Time Machines and Time Life Magazines?” you ask? Well, the classic-era RLTMs lineup consists of Ben the keyboardist, Chico the drummer/singer, Matt and guitar player/singer and Eli also the singer. According to Internet research, Eli may or may not still reside in the U.S., so if we had to guess, we’d say Eli’s probably not there and that’s the difference.

During their imperial phase, RLTMs shared the stage with totally famous acts including Screaming Females and the guy who later repackaged himself as Twin Shadow, plus they almost did a show with Kimya Dawson one time. Dawson had to leave the show early because the audience refused to stop doing drugs in front of her baby, but that’s the rock ‘n’ roll (no problem) lifestyle for you, amitrite? Moral of the story: If you see a baby, put your drugs away and save them for later.

So that’s just some background on Time Life Magazines: a band that definitely does not understand what SEO stands for or how it works.

Venue Information

The Underground - Listening Room
24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060

Organizer Information

The Underground

24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060
+1 (802) 431-6267

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