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Event Details

In the Sound of Science, Jukebox explores the intersection of music, science and data. The evening features compositions inspired and informed by scientific principles. We marvel at the structure behind Bach’s counterpoint, see how one composer translates the concept of the red-shift (the evidence behind the ever-expanding universe) into music, and delve just a little bit into science fiction. In addition, we see how data can be directly interpreted into music and sound. Temperature data is translated into musical notes in Daniel Crawfords brilliant Planetary Bands, the sound of a glacier melting is the bedrock of Sophie Kastner’s new work, data received from a buoy in Lake Champlain provides the director of a new piece by Vermont Composer Peter Hamlin, and more! 

Each concert will include a free workshop where participants can create music and sound out of their own data through a free online tool developed by Kinetek. 

Music from:

Mark Mellits

Larry Groupé

J.S. Bach

Alexander Borodin

Sophie Kastner

Peter Hamlin

Daniel Crawford

Matt LaRocca


BETA Technologies is located at 430 Da Vinci Drive in South Burlington. Signage at the venue will direct you where to go.

Venue Information

BETA Technologies
Eagle Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403

Organizer Information

Vermont Symphony Orchestra

Church Street
Burlington, VT 05401

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