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Event Details

Advance: $15 // Day of show: $17

Doors: 7:00 // Show: 7:30


Krishna Guthrie Band

The Guthrie family story is interwoven into the fabric of American music. While Krishna Guthrie incorporates elements of his lineage, from the folk roots of his great-grandfather, Woody to the masterful storytelling of his grandfather Arlo, he’s not afraid of adding influences from his own generation as he carves his own initials in the family tree. 

At a young age, Krishna began touring internationally with his family as well as playing in local bands when off the road. Becoming skilled at several instruments, he also started writing his own songs. In the winter of 2013/14 Guthrie found himself playing regular gigs with a band in Vermont, and he decided to make Vermont his home.

Krishna started paying his dues, without fanfare, in local bars and restaurants around the Rutland area, determined to make a name for himself. He played supporting roles in several local bands as well, and soon started putting together his own band, which has become the Krishna Guthrie Band, or KGB.  

While never leaving behind the roots of his family’s music, Krishna’s turns it up a notch, infusing rock, blues and modern influences. The Krishna Guthrie Band is a collection of like-minded individuals, each with influences of their own, who value what music offers to the world and strive to make each show better than the last. They blend their varied musical experiences together to create a musical tapestry on which Krishna weaves his stories.

End User

Instruction Manual

For the enlightened, the laments and the rest of you of disenchanted franchise devouring folks-

Big News has reach our door step….

A mysterious molecular structure that formed ambiguously deep within the caverns of a sleepy Vermont town has been identified and shall be referred to as- END USER.

Our continuing research has shown that there are 4 parts to this structure. Including a 5th element yet to be confirmed nor denied.

Ingredients are as follows-

B. Ransom Bass Thumper

T. Arson- Guitar strummer/ Song singer

C. Carnage- Guitar plucker

W. Vandal- Drum banger

Create your own mystery and join the illegal people on this voyage of the melodic fruits made by End User.

Venue Information

The Underground - Listening Room
24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060

Organizer Information

The Underground

24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060
(802) 431-6267

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