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Event Details

Advance: $12 (+fees) // Day of show: $15 (+fees)

Doors: 7:30 // Show: 8:00

All Ages


Hosted by Mister Burns + Special Guests


‘Modist is a Vermont emcee who has been part of the scene for 12+ years. After a two year hiatus, and spending the last year and a half producing new music, Modist is ready to let it be known he’s not going away any time soon. His music is a mixed bag of alternative hip hop, jazz, and emo.’


Formerly known as Drive, Claytone is a lyricist first and foremost. With complex rhyme schemes, multifaceted lyrics, and a clear delivery he is looking to change the tone of Hip Hop as it's currently known. Whether venting or just enjoying the aspect of creating music Claytone has an emphasis on being true to himself and simply doing whatever comes to mind without worries of outside expectations.

Omega Jade:

Omega Jade made her start in 2016 with standup comedy. Six months after her first open mic, she was asked to be in her first show. An all-black line-up with the name Darker Side of Comedy, produced by Jade Marcotta. After the thrill of her first show, there was no stopping her grind. Eventually, that lead her to creating, producing and hosting her own show; a show that mixed two things she loved: Comedy and HipHop. It was called Rhyme & Unreason. The show involved standup comedians doing their regular routines and MCs interpreting the routine with a free-style verse. It was fresh, fun and lasted a whole year. And then a pandemic happened. But, while producing this show she released her debut album Wounded Healer. She was given the opportunity to go on tour to open for Pace Won.

Vast & Slade:

Slade and Vast are two emcees born and raised in Vermont. They began rapping together when they met in high school at the end of the Nineties. Slade (Jesse Newton-Ward) and Vast’s (Shane Mcfarlin) style showcases lyrical intricacies and technical skills matched with meaningful content. The two share a lifelong love of hip hop, an authenticity that is clear when they perform, and a synergy that only comes from over twenty years of making music together.

Slade and Vast’s many various projects, both together or solo, can be found on Spotify, YouTube and most other streaming platforms.

Venue Information

The Underground - Listening Room
24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060

Organizer Information

The Underground

24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060
+1 (802) 431-6267

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