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Event Details

Pretty Face: An American Dream

Written and performed by Amanda Huotari

Directed by Aitor Basauri

Feb 29 at 7:30 p.m. and March 1 at 1 p.m.

Pretty Face dares you: Burst your bubble and indulge in the outrageous comedy of our time. 

“Masterful… an exceptional physical performer” --PORTFRINGE FIRST LOOK

The One & Only Series is delighted to present Pretty Face: An American dream as part of their 2020 solo series celebrating solo performance in its Vermont debut at the Grange Hall Cultural Center. From Maine, to Hawaii, to Indianapolis and Montreal, and soon to hit NYC's Tank Theater on 36th Street, Pretty Face is "blowing the roof off!" (Ha Ha Hawaii Physical Comedy Festival). Funny and fearless, Pretty Face chews up the unbearable American newsfeed and spits out a story that you’ll love to hate and hate to love. With razor-sharp wit, she’ll both seduce and disturb you. 

Speaking of you—are you totally over this political circus? Eager for change, but cozy in your comfort zone? How long are you willing to wait? How much are you willing to lose? Your freedom and our country are at stake. WAKE UP! 

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