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Event Details

Advance: $12 // Day of show: $15

Doors: 7:00 // Show: 7:30

Suburban Samurai:It’s our 8th birthday party! Come celebrate 8 years of happy-sounding-sad-songs and other fast music for introverts at show #152!


NRVS is a dynamic duo based in Long Island and Vermont that brings intensity to the stage with their emo-inspired sound. Rooted in the sounds of the early 2000s pop-punk and post-hardcore scenes, NRVS strives to put a modern spin on the music that inspired a generation. With Joe and Ruston on vocals and guitar, the pair creates a sound that is raw, cathartic, and always unforgettable.

What Makes Sense:

What Makes Sense is a Poughkeepsie, New York-based Pop Punk band with an affinity for acrobatic performances and heavy riffs. The band was featured in Alternative Press as "10 Next-Gen Pop Punk Bands That Will Transport You Back to the 2000's".

Starting as a duo in the Fall of 2019, vocalist/lyricist Adam Rebillard and lead guitarist Avery Avello began spearheading a project that would eventually become What Makes Sense. Working with Chris Piquette of No Boundaries Studios, What Makes Sense released their debut single "Spooky" off of their EP, "Fear and Loathing in the Northeast". Soon thereafter, the band expanded to a five-piece, incorporating the crafty riffs of Eddie Petershagen (rhythm guitar), the driving low end of Aaron Barkstrom (bass), and the intricate drum-work of Marcelo Erazo (drums) to form a group that would become a harbor for new musical ideas to manifest.

After releasing several singles in 2021 "Groundhog Day", "Cary Grant", "Rear Window", and "Vicious Game" and a 4-song split in 2022 "Adjacent", preparation for the next era of What Makes Sense has begun.

Venue Information

The Underground - Listening Room
24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060

Organizer Information

The Underground

24 Pleasant Street
Randolph, VT 05060
+1 (802) 431-6267

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