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“Employee first” workplaces are not only an essential component of sustainable economic development, but a wise business decision. That's why VBSR created the Small Business Toolkit for low or no cost strategies that create workplaces that support employees, communities, and the environment.


In partnership with VCET, VBSR's Small Business toolkit will now be accessible as five separate free courses on the Vermont Startup Collective, a digital platform, connecting 700+ entrepreneurs, teams, freelancers, and mentors across Vermont.

Courses featured:

People & Culture

Investing in Your Community

Employee Benefits

Greening Your Business

Creating a Family Friendly Workplace

In this info session, we'll take a deep dive into these courses with VBSR's Membership Manager, Toby Aronson, so you can learn what aspects of the toolkit would be most beneficial for your business.

About the Vermont Startup Collective 

This is a free to join, digital platform, connecting 700+ entrepreneurs, teams, freelancers, and mentors.

About the Speaker

Toby Aronson, a long-time VT resident, has a uniquely diverse background working in sales, non-profit management, arts publicity and music, and is a small business owner. His record label NNA Tapes has received international recognition in publications such as The New York Times and NPR. Previously a Sales Associate for Local First Vermont’s Buy Local Book & Mobile App, Aronson was responsible for continued growth in ad sales for the Chittenden & Stowe sales territories. Aronson has also worked with the non-profit Vermont Symphony Orchestra in their education outreach programs, including the Musical Petting Zoo. As a professional musician, Aronson has toured in musical groups throughout the United States and Europe, and is currently a regularly performing classical guitarist in Vermont. Toby’s strong skills in outreach and communication and his familiarity with Vermont’s business community make him an excellent advocate and recruiter for VBSR’s triple-bottom line mission and membership. Toby actively embodies his passions for good food, good community, good art, and the great outdoors. Contact Toby to learn more about membership at [email protected].

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This event takes place online.

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266 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05401

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