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(This event will *not* be recorded. Please RSVP to join!)

Let’s face it. Sales is the work nobody wants to do. It’s difficult and time-consuming. It’s work that prevents you from running your business, but it’s also how you find the gold – work that's essential for driving revenue. Join us June 23rd for a Lunch and Learn to help you understand what selling is all about, get you excited to grow your business, gain confidence in your selling skills, and learn key actions that take you from sales preparation to close.

Sales is NOT about manipulating people into a decision. Sales is NOT about harassing people until they give in and buy from you so you go away. Sales is NOT sleazy. The reason sales people get a bad rap is that there are so many AMATEUR, unprofessionally trying to sell in the negative ways you imagine (pushy, lying, annoying).

This Lunch and Learn will de-stigmatize this aspect of running a business, and will provide you with authentic tactics and strategies to help your business scale.

Learning Objectives:

In this engaging session, audience members will master the sales process including:

Pre-Call Planning

Surveying the Client (Discovery)


Handling Objections

Advancing the Sale


About the Speaker:

Miller Sales Consulting is a Vermont sales consulting firm focused on sales team development and training. They specialize in sales coaching, virtual sales manager services, and building high performance sales teams. Since 2007, Miller Sales Consulting has worked with start-up, technology, and large scale professional organizations, helping them increase sales productivity and improve performance.

About VCET Lunch & Learns:

These virtual workshops cover a variety of topics to help entrepreneurs and small businesses learn, grow, and succeed. VCET (Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies) also offers active coaching, business consulting, mentorship, coworking spaces, and seed investment.

Venue Information

This event takes place online.

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266 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05401

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