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Event Details

All are invited to a Vets Town Hall at the Godnick Adult Center in Rutland, Vermont. Veterans are invited to speak about what their service means to them. Non-veterans are encouraged to attend and listen.

**RSVPs are still welcome for the Vets Town Hall itself, but are closed for the dinner**

This event is non-political, and all perspectives are valued. There will be no debate on American foreign policy.

Dinner will be served at 5:30pm. The Vets Town Hall itself will begin at 6pm. There may be an optional question-and-answer period with some of the speakers at the end of the event.

*RSVPs are required for the dinner. For the Vets Town Hall itself, RSVPs are optional, but encouraged.

For all attendees: 

All community members are invited to this event. Only veterans will speak, but non-veterans are encouraged to attend and listen.

Throughout the event, you may hear something you agree or disagree with. You may have a question. Or you may want to say encouraging words with the intention to help. However, we ask that you please refrain from responding. We are simply here to listen and learn about what it was like to serve in the wars that this nation has chosen to fight.

For speakers: 

Tell us what your service means to you. Please tell us about your own experiences, whatever they may be, rather than speaking broadly about an issue or organization. You’re a member of our community, and it’s your stories, reflections, and insights that we’re anxious to hear.

Each veteran will be given up to 10 minutes to speak. (This time may vary somewhat depending on how many interested speakers we have.) Veterans who would like to speak can contact [email protected], or you can indicate interest in speaking when registering. If you’re considering speaking but prefer not to register, we encourage you to attend. After pre-registered speakers go, the host will take speakers from the floor, time permitting. The goal is for every veteran who would like to speak to have a chance to do so.

Of course, veterans (and all community members) are also welcome to simply attend and listen.

If you're interested in speaking but aren't sure what to speak about, click here for some questions that can serve as starting points.

Kyle Aines, who will host the Rutland Vets Town Hall, grew up in the small mountain town of Tinmouth, Vermont. He joined the army in 2003 and served two tours in Iraq as a combat medic. He graduated from Castleton with a degree in criminal justice before joining Community College of Vermont as CCV’s Associate Director of Veterans and Military Services. He now works as a general contractor serving Rutland County. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for The Warrior Connection, and is transitioning to a facilitator role.

Thank you to:

  • Kyle Aines, for hosting the event
  • The Godnick Adult Center, our venue sponsor and local event partner
  • Meals on Wheels for providing dinner
  • Vermont Veterans Outreach Program for attending and being available to provide peer support
  • Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1, for help with outreach
  • Community College of Vermont, for help with outreach
  • Cabot Cheese, for providing snacks
  • This event is supported in part by the Vermont Humanities. (Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Vermont Humanities or any other supporting organization.)
  • ...and the many individuals and organizations who have offered advice, feedback, and support

Frequently asked questions

Who is invited to attend?

— ALL community members - non-veterans as well as veterans - are invited to attend and listen. The whole point of this event is to bring the community closer around veterans, so civilians play an integral part at a Vets Town Hall.

Who is invited to speak?

— Only veterans will speak at this event.

Are children welcome at this event?

— Your children are welcome to attend with you, but when deciding whether or not to bring them, please be aware that speakers will address serious topics and that this is not a rehearsed event.

Are veterans service organizations invited to table at this event?

— There won’t be any tabling at the event, in order to make sure the focus is clearly on the speakers and the experiences being shared. Of course, it’s important to share resources as well, so there will be an un-staffed general info table. Please don’t hesitate to bring brochures for this table.

Are representatives from organizations invited to speak at this event?

If your organization has representatives who are veterans, they are welcome to speak – but we ask that they speak as individuals, not on behalf of the organization.

Venue Information

Godnick Adult Center
1 Deer Street
Rutland, VT 05701

Organizer Information

Vets Town Hall

PO Box 112
Richmond, VT 05477
+1 (802) 825-4389

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