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Event Details

Have you planted shade, flowering, or fruit trees in the past few years? Are you wondering how to prune or fertilize these young trees? Horsford Field Manager Ralph Fitz-Gerald will be leading a Young Tree Pruning and Care workshop on Saturday, March 25 from 1 - 2 PM at the nursery. This is a free, outdoor, in-person event. Registration is required.

We'll be covering:

  • Young Tree Selection
  • Planting Tips
  • Watering and fertilizing guidance
  • Using tree collars
  • Proper pruning techniques and timing for young trees
  • How soon you can enjoy flowers and harvests

Ralph Fitz-Gerald has managed Horsford’s growing fields since the 1980s. He has planted, pruned, and cared for thousands of trees during his horticultural career, and enjoys sharing his experience with the community.

Venue Information

Horsford Gardens & Nursery
2111 Greenbush Road
Charlotte, VT 05445

Organizer Information

Horsford Gardens and Nursery

2111 Greenbush Road
Charlotte, VT 05445
+1 (802) 425-2811

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Horsford Gardens and Nursery
+1 (802) 425-2811
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