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Healing Arts Day

Healing Arts Day

The Purpose:

Our goal is to help raise 5k, and all “pro-seeds” will benefit Arantha Farrow's upcoming mid-February trip to Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 to reunite with her father Akim. On Valentine’s Day in 1996, Akim had just married Arantha’s mother Justine, and was in St. Albans applying for his green card when he was unexpectedly arrested and deported for a minor out-of-state cannabis possession charge.

At the time, Arantha was 4 years old, and her brother was a baby. This tragedy left Justice alone to care for two children, and since then, Akim hasn’t been able to return to the States.

Arantha is a leader in Vermont’s music, herbal healing, arts, rocks, minerals and crystals industries. She’s the founder of Caledonia Cannabis and owns a San Francisco trolley where she houses her retail store and holds special events. She’s always held the dream of connecting her life in Vermont with her Father's life, and help improve the livelihoods of the people, land, and culture of Zimbabwe.

2022 was a particularly tragic and difficult year of losses for Arantha, as it included the murder of her best friend, Fern Feather, and the passing of her Grandma and favorite elder ancestor, Suzy.

As Arantha travels to Zimbabwe from mid-February to mid-March, we wish to send her with an abundance of emotional, spiritual, and material blessings, and we seek to raise $5000 to take with her on her journey.


270 Battery Street
Burlington, VT 05401
(415) 632-2731

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