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Red Poppy Cakery

Red Poppy Cakery was established in 2019 out of a shared commercial kitchen in Burlington and a whole lot of love. They are so excited to dig roots in their new space in Downtown Waterbury, VT.

Red Poppy Cakery

 Red Poppy Cakery is not a typical retail shop. Everything is made custom to order, therefore some planning ahead is required to get on our calendar. Please reach out at least 4 days prior to your event. We cannot guarantee our availability until you reach out, especially for larger events. In addition to baking FOR our clients, we also love to bake WITH our community. We offer virtual workshops for step-by-step fun learning new recipes and techniques as well as in-person workshops. The bottom line is that we love to be part of celebrations big and small. We strive to make your loved ones feel seen, special and loved through our custom creations and experiences.


1 Elm Street
Suite #1
Waterbury Village Historic District, VT 05676
+1 (203) 400-0700

Refunds up to 7 days before the event
Janina McCue
+1 (203) 400-0700
[email protected]
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